Community Involvement

The city of Tallassee has always risen to the charge of supporting its youth both in spirit and in resources. When SMS reached out to the local community seeking supporters of a Robotics Team, support was provided.

Neptune Technology Group

Our main support system stems from the Neptune Technology Group located here in Tallassee. They provided assistance from their Human Resources department through instruction on the problem solving process. Neptune has encouraged its young engineers to serve as mentors to our Robotics Team over the past several years. They meet with our team about three times a week most of which is their “off the clock” personal time. We are grateful for their continued guidance and instruction. Their dedication to the completion and success of our team is appreciated. We appreciate you….. Mrs. Carol, Mr. Kevin, Mr. Mitch, Mr. Sean and Mr. Tom!!!

GKN Aerospace and Engineering

In addition, GKN Aerospace and Engineering of Tallassee has offered engineering mentors and financial support as well. They have also awarded SMS with financial contributions that have allowed for the purchase of Robotics curricula that is being implemented in the lower grade level Talented and Gifted (TAG) classes at SMS.

Steve Martin Engineering

In search of assistance with the instruction of engineering design software such as SolidWorks and AutoCad, sponsors appealed to local business owner and grandparent, Steve Martin of Steve Martin Engineering. Mr. Martin has been kind enough to allow drafter Mrs. Marina Blankenship to spend time working with our team during and after school on design drawings and development. Mrs. Blankenship has been a team mentor for two years now and she is definitely an invaluable resource to our team.

Davidson Building Supply

Over the years, there have been various other supporters of our team. This year we would like to make sure we thank Davidson Building Supply for their generous contributions to the construction of our mock playing field. A special “THANKS!” is also offered to Joey Davidson for the time and energy he dedicated to the construction of this practice facility.

Each season of Robotics, our team attempts to give back to the community as well by making presentations about our experience to various civic organizations in our city such as the Lions Club, the Rotary Club, local business supporters and sponsors. Each year we make extra efforts to share what we have learned and demonstrate what we have accomplished to those who have supported and encouraged us throughout the process. This year we will be visiting Tallassee Elementary School, post-season, to share our experience with them and help inspire an interest in Mathematics and Science.